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Everyone who has ever gone through business relocations knows that it is never finished in one day. If anything the days leading up to the Big Move can be as strenuous as the Big Day itself. Dubai Set Up business relocation services cater to all private sector companies and government organisations to educational and medical institutions and warehouses, financial houses and more in Dubai.

We, Dubai Set Up offer comprehensive solution to all your relocation needs. Our team of efficient and professional movers and packers can assist you in packing and transporting everything from your precious furniture pieces to all the small and fragile items. Our packers are capable and reliable and they will speedily pack your belonging to carefully labelled boxes while paying attention to the smallest detail. They will make sure your fragile goods are packed and wrapped in such a way so as to ensure no breakages.

Our Business relocation Services is based on total care and diligence, which parallels our belief in maximum satisfaction. The entire team has a tremendous work ethic and operates with a “can-do” attitude. The task of cleaning out each room, organising all your belongings and de-cluttering all the accumulated junk and of course the dreaded packing and unpacking of boxes can be more than you can handle on your own.


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